Jumat, Januari 25, 2008

Have last minute paperwork at airport?

If you have some last minute paperwork to sort out and letters to mail before you get on your flight.. where to get these errands done at airport?

Find business center at the airport. Business center should be available to you to mail documents, photocopy, fax or type an urgent note. If you need assistance, simply approach any of airport staff for help.

By the way, on this paperless era or almost all paperworks are using digital thingie.. I don't think you will need that business center anymore. What you need is just a laptop and digital camera (but make sure you always bring it's Data Cable or a USB Card Reader). It's much easier, effective and faster, don't you? Just capture your writing with your digital camera (use macro), copy the jpg file to laptop, find public internet access area (wifi or LAN), send the file by email then. Should you have another better way.. please let us know :)

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